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Why do the "log" graphs look so weird?

The y-axis on the graphs is a logarithmic scale; instead of each measure of length increasing by one unit, it increases by a power of ten. If you look closely you'll see it goes 1, 10, 100, etc.

Why do some of the graphs have a plateau at the end of them? Is something broken?

Particularly early in the day, the graphs will look like that because today's data is the same as yesterday's; until government organizations publish updates, we cannot get new numbers, so today's numbers will match yesterday's. This should be less common as the day wears on.

How is this thing paid for? Who runs it?

This is a volunteer effort by me, John Rumpelein, a Seattle-area tech guy. I am doing this in my spare time, as I am still very much employed working for a large Internet provider. The cost of operating the site is minimal and I am not looking for any money to offset those expenses. If you feel the need to express your gratitude, on the front landing page you will see a couple organizations that can put your money to good use dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

I noticed a problem with the site, should I email you or something?

Please do! You can reach me via email at covid19stats-at-protonmail-dot-com. I love to hear from people who use the site.

I've heard that numbers coming out of a certain country are doctored, do you have any opinion on this?

The purpose of this site is to report what government organizations are putting out. Whether those numbers are accurate or not will become more apparent as time goes on.